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We publish WHANGANUI MANSIONS real estate magazine online every Friday at 12 pm and people looking for a houses for sale in Wanganui can also search for the latest property listings from our website.


We promote all the local real estate agents listings as well as private listings and in all price ranges,s so we are becoming increasingly popular as the place to find property for sale. That includes houses for sale, lifestyle properties for sale, farms for sale and sections for sale.


We have 2,000-3,000 readers every month visiting the website, reading the magazine and searching for properties for sale and that's growing all the time. The magazine covers Whanganui, Waverley, Marton & Bulls real estate. 


Our demographics are mature people (more women than men) who generally have more disposable income and either own a home or looking for properties for sale.


For a very modest amount, you can have a full page advert that will appear every week and on top of that, you will receive free banner advertising throughout our website. We also have feature banner advertising opportunities on our main website page which is a great option as well.


We would really like to have you on board as one of our sponsors and if you join us, you will have no competition in the magazine. We only allow one of each service to advertise.


Now seriously... you don't get much space in the local newspapers and it will cost you hundreds of dollars for something very small... and even then it ends up wrapping fish & chips the next day whereas digital advertising hangs around forever.


If you have any further questions we are only too happy to help.