Updated: a day ago Managing Director stunned at the number of listings that have flooded in within the last week.

The property market has come alive with an unprecedented surge of energy, says Whanganui Mansions managing director, Steve Baron. His localised online real estate magazine which covers Waverley, Whanganui, Marton & Bulls has seen 24 new listings come onto the market in Whanganui alone, in the last week.

“I’m not sure what is happening. It might be greed at the idea of achieving a lofty price or just that vendors have been holding off to sell in the new year. But we have seen a flood of new properties come on to the market in Whanganui alone. There have also been new listings in Waverley, Marton & Bulls but nothing compared to Whanganui.” says Baron.

Baron says, “Time will tell if these vendors are being realistic in their pricing but I suspect animal spirits have now taken over and buyers are prepared to pay just about anything to secure their new homes.” He says, “This bubble is getting bigger and bigger and a property needs to be grossly over-priced before it sits on the market these days.”

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